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Drawing is the school of seeing –

Seeing can be taught.

Many people look, but they do not see!

The reason for this is to be found in the misallocation of certain tasks in our brain. Drawing is one of the best examples to prove this thesis.


Most adults in our society can be regarded as children when it comes to their drawing abilities. The reason for this is that very early in their childhood development they shifted the capacity of drawing, which is originally located in the right side of the brain, to the left brain hemisphere. This procedure is often caused and assisted by an adult who has gone through the same experience as well and has likewise forgotten how to draw what he or she sees. And again a frustrated child becomes a frustrated adult who steadfastly claims that he/she will never be able to draw decently, under absolutely no circumstances, being honestly convinced of his/her lack of talent …



Drawing is not a matter of talent,

Drawing is a matter of seeing!


 Or does anybody honestly believe that the ability of learning how to read and write is to be left to the talented only ?!


Only the interpretation of the subjective reality through deliberate interference by sovereign ways of controling one´s means of lingual  expression turns writing into literature, into a piece of art!


The same applies to drawing:


What speaking / writing is to the left hemisphere of the brain

seeing / drawing is equally to the right hemisphere of the brain


In our logical and material world it appears to be pointless to learn how to draw properly, but :


The one who draws better sees better! The world can be seen from a completely new and different angle


Many years ago the American teacher Betty Edwards developed a method which presents the optimum basis for learning more about the way our brain functions in conjunction with our processing of visual reality to get familiar with human thought processes and how to integrate this knowledge into our everyday life as well as in our professional one.


This method is explained in her book

"Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain",

which is exactly what we are going to achieve in the workshop.


Her new approach has not only been very successful since the publication of her book, it is also quite inexpensive.

One only needs a workbook, a soft pencil and sketchbook paper!


Sounds to good to be true?! Maybe because it is that easy!


Who should come to my workshops?
…everybody who is convinced that he/she can't draw at all – never could and never will!
…everybody who is convinced that he/she can draw quite well – but is seeking improvement.
…everybody who just likes to draw, to doodle, to scribble, enjoying the process as it is
…everybody who wants to stop just looking and strives to start seeing
… everybody who wants proof that creativity can be taught, learned and trained
… everybody who is curious enough to find out if speaking / writing really is to the left hemisphere of the brain what seeing / drawing is to the right hemisphere of the brain



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